Create Your Own Above Ground Pool Side Table: DIY Guide and Tips

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Introducing the DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table: Enhance your poolside experience with this easy-to-build and affordable project. This innovative table provides a convenient spot to hold drinks, snacks, and game equipment while enjoying a round of pool. Follow our step-by-step guide to create your own customized and stylish addition to your outdoor space.

1. Build Your Own DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table: Enhance Your Poolside Experience

Build Your Own DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table: Enhance Your Poolside Experience

If you’re looking to take your poolside experience to the next level, why not consider building your own DIY above ground pool side table? This project is not only fun and rewarding, but it also adds a practical and stylish feature to your pool area.

Materials Needed:

  • A sturdy wooden plank or pallet
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Level


1. Measure and cut the wooden plank or pallet to the desired size for your table. Make sure it fits comfortably alongside your pool.

2. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or surfaces on the wood.

3. Apply a coat of wood stain or paint to protect and enhance the appearance of the table. Allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

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4. Determine the ideal location for your table next to the pool. Make sure it’s level by using a level tool.

5. Using a drill, attach the table to the side of the pool by screwing it securely into place. Ensure that it is properly anchored and stable.

6. Once the table is securely attached, give it a final inspection to make sure everything is level and stable.

Benefits of a DIY Pool Side Table:

1. Convenience: Having a pool side table allows you to have easy access to your drinks, snacks, and other poolside essentials without having to constantly get in and out of the pool.

2. Style: By building your own table, you can customize it to match your pool area’s aesthetic and your personal style.

3. Cost-effective: Building your own pool side table is often much more affordable than purchasing one from a store.

4. Flexibility: You can choose the size and design of your table to fit your specific needs and space requirements.

5. Satisfaction: Building your own DIY project can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and ownership over your poolside area.

In conclusion, building your own DIY above ground pool side table can greatly enhance your poolside experience. It provides convenience, style, and allows for customization that perfectly suits your needs. So why not give it a try and create a unique addition to your pool area?

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Benefits of a DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table

Above ground pool side tables are a great addition to any pool area, and building one yourself has several benefits.

Customization: By building your own pool side table, you can customize the design and size to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose materials that match your pool area’s aesthetics or even add personalized touches.

Cost-effective: DIY projects often save money compared to purchasing ready-made items. Building your own pool side table allows you to use affordable materials and reduce labor costs, resulting in significant savings.

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Practicality: A pool side table provides a convenient space to place drinks, snacks, or other poolside essentials. It eliminates the need to constantly go indoors or search for a suitable surface to keep your belongings while enjoying the pool.

Steps to Build a DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table

Building a DIY above ground pool side table is a relatively simple process that requires basic woodworking skills and a few tools. Follow these steps to create your own:

Step 1: Gather the necessary materials, including wood boards, screws, a saw, drill, and sandpaper.

Step 2: Determine the dimensions and design of your table. Measure the height and width you desire, ensuring it can fit comfortably beside your pool.

Step 3: Cut the wood boards according to your measurements using a saw. Sand the edges to ensure smoothness.

Step 4: Assemble the table by attaching the boards together using screws and a drill. Ensure stability by adding support braces if necessary.

Step 5: Sand the table’s surface to create a smooth finish. You can also apply a weather-resistant sealant or paint to protect the wood.

Maintenance Tips for Your DIY Above Ground Pool Side Table

To ensure the longevity and durability of your DIY above ground pool side table, consider the following maintenance tips:

Clean regularly: Wipe down the table surface regularly using a damp cloth to remove dirt, debris, and any spilled substances.

Protect against weather: If your pool side table is exposed to the elements, consider covering it during harsh weather conditions or when not in use. This will protect the wood from damage caused by rain, sun exposure, or extreme temperatures.

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Reapply sealant: Over time, the protective sealant may wear off. Reapply a fresh coat of sealant every couple of years to keep the wood protected and maintain its appearance.

Inspect for damages: Regularly check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose joints. Address any issues promptly by repairing or replacing damaged parts to prevent further deterioration.


What materials are commonly used to build a DIY above ground pool side table?

Wood is commonly used to build a DIY above ground pool side table.

Are there any safety considerations when constructing a DIY above ground pool side table?

Yes, there are several safety considerations when constructing a DIY above ground pool side table. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the table is securely built and stable to prevent any accidents or injuries. Additionally, the materials used should be durable and resistant to water damage to maintain the table’s integrity over time. It is also crucial to consider the placement of the table to avoid any potential hazards such as low hanging branches or uneven ground. Lastly, proper maintenance and regular inspections should be conducted to identify and address any potential safety issues promptly.

How can I customize the design of a DIY above ground pool side table to match my pool area aesthetic?

To customize the design of a DIY above ground pool side table to match your pool area aesthetic, you can focus on the following:

1. Materials: Choose materials such as wood or aluminum that complement the overall style of your pool area.
2. Color scheme: Paint or stain the table in colors that coordinate with your pool deck or surrounding decor.
3. Design elements: Incorporate design elements that reflect the theme of your pool area, such as marine motifs or tropical patterns.
4. Accessories: Add accessories like custom-made cushions or umbrella holders that enhance the overall aesthetic.
5. Personal touches: Consider adding any personal touches, like engraved names or decals, to make it unique to your pool area.

Remember to prioritize functionality and durability while customizing the table to ensure it withstands poolside conditions.

In conclusion, the DIY above ground pool side table is a must-have addition to any pool enthusiast’s backyard. With its convenient design and easy construction process, this table offers a practical and stylish solution for keeping drinks, snacks, and pool accessories within reach during a game of pool, billiards, or snooker. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or simply enjoying a relaxing day by the water, this DIY project adds functionality and convenience to your poolside experience. So why wait? Start building your own pool side table today and take your pool game to the next level!

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